Matthew 6:25 - 27

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

2013 - A New Year of Gifts

A New Year of Gifts

When "Thanks-giving" has given way to "giving up"...
When my eyes no longer see gifts as blessings ...
but instead see only the heavy load of responsibility ...

It is time once again to lift my eyes to the giver of all good things ...
to meditate on the works of His Hand ...
to trust that every good and perfect gift comes from above ...
that all His plans for me are good...
and to take note of every gift from the lover of my soul, and so, 

I Begin Again to count my gifts ... 
  1. New Mercy every day
  2. Morning sunrise glowing like fire against the cold blues and whites of winter
  3. January Thaw: the promise of spring
  4. Income just when I needed a "little extra to tide me over"
  5. The warmth and intensity of winter sunshine
  6. Birdsong returning 
  7. Wood stacked almost to the roof outside front door
  8. Warm wood fires on cold mornings and evenings
  9. The softness and comfort of my bed
  10. Calming aqua/blues
  11. Candles burning
  12. Scented waxes
  13. Sunlight through cut glass window pane casting prisms of light 
  14. Joy springing up in my heart
  15. When time, energy, motivation, opportunity and weather converge
  16. Recognizing that past difficulties have made present possibilities
  17. Peaceful sleep
  18. Waking refreshed and rested
  19. Morning quiet
  20. Rain ... in January
  21. Jasmine blooming white and sweet and fragrant ... in January
  22. Those mornings that he wakes up early, excited for school
  23. When he actually wants to talk during our daily commute
  24. Snow-globe Days
  25. Waking at 4:33 a.m. ... awake!
  26. Wood, ready to burn, by stove
  27. Orange glow of warmth
  28. This moment ... here ... now
  29. Her words - poetry
  30. Eyes to see
  31. PB&J that he made
  32. "Baby Steps"
  33. Glimpses of Hope
  34. Love and prayers crocheted 
  35. Dog alarms
  36. Visions of truth
  37. L-0-V-E drives out F-E-A-R
  38. Fresh, fluffy snow lying on branches
  39. Sky glory
  40. Sun halo
  41. Cloud "mountains" (storm front on horizon)
  42. EXACTLY enough Half-n-Half left for morning coffee
  43. Snowy Sundays
  44. Candlelight flickers on wall
  45. Hot bath ... by candlelight ... at NOON!
  46. Healing retreats - free, healing, self-directed, at home!
  47. When almost-grown son offers to pay for snow-plowing
  48. Bright red of cardinal on snow-covered branch
  49. Eagle on branch 
  50. Hawk soaring above
  51. Swans on semi-frozen river
  52. Sparkles on new snow
  53. Blue shadows lying long on snow scene
  54. Friends to play phone games with
  55. Tea, toast and Trust
  56. Testing of faith
  57. Reminder to trust
  58. Looking for manna (my daily bread)
  59. Icicles on roof
  60. Pair of swans flying overhead
  61. Beautiful, glorious detour
  62. Forty extra minutes in car to enjoy glorious views
  63. Listening to Ann Voskamp's chapter on falling in love with God on Valentine's Day!
  64. When today's devotional is echoed in the chapter of the book I'm listening to!
  65. Thickly snow-frosted world
  66. When a glance reminds "he's gone" and I choose to find GIFT in the unexpected memory ... and I smile.
  67. "Bride-nails" chosen on Valentine's Day (without thought of the significance) remind me that I am His bride now ... and I smile ... again.
  68. Morning sun streaming rainbows
  69. Four red blooms on a cold, winter morning ... FOUR!
  70. My face ... smiling JOY
  71. JOY ... REAL joy bubbling up in me ... this well of life! 

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