Matthew 6:25 - 27

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

My 1000 Gifts

This is 2012 ... it is 
It is the year that I learn to see through the eyes of a thankful heart ...
These are my One Thousand Gifts!
  1. The warmth and brightness of fire in the wood stove.
  2. Snow ... finally! (1-1-12)
  3. Contented son #1
  4. Contented son #2
  5. Ann Voskamp's inspiration (the book, the app, her blog ...)
  6. The January Joy Dare (to help me see)
  7. Morning coffee
  8. My "new" sitting room 
  9. New friends and "sisters-in-grief"
  10. True friends to walk through life's hurts and triumphs with
  11. My ability to organize
  12. My ability to teach
  13. My faith
  14. A special album to record my Gifts - bought on sale years ago - perfect!
  15. Someone to mentor
  16. Adversity to overcome
  17. The teaching of Chip Ingram
  18. Encouraging words
  19. Prayer
  20. Confirmation
  21. Books to teach and encourage (A Confident Heart by Renee Swope; Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge; so many others)
  22. Full winter moon sunrise
  23. As "apt word" spoken at just the right moment
  24. Christmas inside packed away
  25. Outside Christmas lights taken down
  26. Record-setting mild winter our first winter without Tom
  27. Days of incredible warmth and sunshine to melt the ice on my driveway
  28. The letter "D" 
  29. Lunch with Tim
  30. Time in the car to talk to, encourage and pray for Peter
  31. Christian Radio (Praise FM)
  32. Playing "Dress-up"
  33. Learning more than I teach
  34. A secure, warm roof over my head
  35. Fuzzy, warm slippers on my feet
  36. My dog beside me for companionship during the day
  37. Smoke rising from the chimney
  38. Pre-measured, frozen balls of cookie dough
  39. Warm cookies right out of the oven
  40. Finding what was lost (one glove is just useless!)
  41. Fire crackling in the wood stove
  42. Clothes washer running
  43. Big, fluffy snowflakes
  44. Music that touches my spirit
  45. Sunrise colors on fresh snow
  46. A decision from the Lord
  47. Diamonds scattered across blue snow
  48. Obstacles surmounted
  49. An abundant harvest of pine cones
  50. Reminders on my wall
  51. Less pressure in my head
  52. A lighter heart
  53. The promise of hope
  54. A place of security
  55. Somewhere to turn
  56. A listening ear
  57. The lessons of time
  58. Reminders of faithfulness
  59. Yesterdays to cherish
  60. Imagining peace
  61. Dreams for today
  62. Promises made
  63. Promises kept
  64. Spring birdsong - in January!
  65. A "special" bird sighting
  66. Swans on open river - in January!
  67. Blazing orange orb between horizon and the gray
  68. Reminders of His promises
  69. Napping in the car 
  70. Appreciation shown
  71. "Tickle-time"
  72. Amazing corporate worship
  73. Sweet Presence
  74. Visions of Glory
  75. The Daily Rhythm
  76. Amazing Grace
  77. The secret of Discipline (body, mind, spirit)
  78. Boys who get themselves up in the morning
  79. A good match
  80. Plans that didn't work out
  81. "Brother-time" (peacefully!)
  82. Electric fire
  83. Frost-glazed world
  84. Remembering "perked" coffee
  85. Memories of the heart
  86. Memories captured
  87. Moments frozen in time
  88. Learning to be thankful
  89. Warmth knitted with prayer
  90. A measure of success fought hard for
  91. Someone else who noticed
  92. Discouragement lightened
  93. Photos of my granddaughters
  94. Money found in my pocket
  95. Afternoon drive between moon-rise and sunset - extraordinarily beautiful!
  96. "Good Morning Mom & Jake XOXOXO" sign on telephone pole in my neighborhood (not for me, but made me smile much anyway)
  97. "Crack" in cloudy sky for sun to shine through
  98. The Art of Graffiti on passing trains as I waited (both coming and going) 
  99. Heart-shaped cereal just before Valentine's Day
  100. Free pizza to share for lunch (unexpected!)
  101. Accounting skills and time donated
  102. Balanced - again (finally!)
  103. New colors / redecorate my bedroom
  104. Time alone
  105. Fresh scents
  106. When he comes back for another hug (forgetting that he just did that)
  107. Realizing that my "new" fashion watch wasn't broken after all ... just had stem pulled out.
  108. Cool breezes on a hot summer day!
  109. Time to reflect on the beauty around me
  110. The sound of the fountain and the pond running
  111. New fish for the pond
  112. Campfires in the yard
  113. Supper on the patio
  114. Summer nights with the bedroom window open
  115. Freshly mowed grass
  116. Summer blooms
  117. White Magnolia blooms
  118. White wedding dresses
  119. A fresh white calendar page
  120. White Jasmine blooms
  121. Long Summer days
  122. Warm Summer nights
  123. A Summer Season of putting down deep roots and growing up toward the sunshine
  124. Fresh haircuts
  125. Cut flowers
  126. Freshly cut wood
  127. Cut diamonds

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